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This adventure started when our older son Manel was born and I realized that most stores of clothes and accessories for babies and children all sold similar products. In order to dress my children with a slight twist, I ended up buying abroad brands that were not sold in Portugal. This process proved to be time consuming and demanding, especially after Francisca was born... Had it not been for the limitless passion for our children, and the desire to see them always beautiful, I would probably have given up. From this reality to thinking about turning this hobby into a project was a small step!

Thus was born the idea of ​​creating a kids concept store, selling classic chic clothes with a twist for the little ones, from 0 to 8 years old. I asked my husband João to help me organize the business and not lose my head at international fairs, and to my friend designer Maria, full of experience in e-commerce, to make a beautiful, practical and safe website. The result is an online store that offers collections of special brands, with simple yet fun clothes, made with detail, in natural materials such as linen or cotton, some organic, with mostly neutral tones. They are nothing more than the clothes that I continue to choose for my children and that they love so much...

We are starting small and, as such, we do not have much stock of each piece. The small quantity also helps exclusivity, as we always try to choose brands that are not yet sold in Portuguese stores. We chose to have, for this Autumn | Winter 2020 collection, a set of brands that complement each other: Louis Louise is the epitome of classic chic with a twist; Bonheur du Jour has a relaxed hippie chic look; Petit Indi is cozy and relaxed; Dotty Dungarees is a timeless classic revisited and full of comfort; Boxbo is simply cute and fun; the Korean Lala, Sewing-B, Happy Prince and Arim Closet are a warm hug for hearts and just fun for them (my daughter cries when I undress her).

At the request of several mothers, single parents and doting grandparents, that don’t have time or patience to go and buy clothes matching to dress the kids every day in the morning, we’ll be delighted to help you… be it to choose a special combination or to create weekly sets. Contact us and your children will be impeccably dressed! We hope you enjoy our choices and that we can earn your trust!

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